A Fluid Art Experience

A Different Kind of Art Class

Isolation and daily life demands are putting quite a bit of pressure on all of us these days. Maybe you are missing the times when you could just walk into a museum or gallery, join a festival or a concert, take your mind off things for a while and disconnect…  Perhaps you find yourself watching videos of poured art on YouTube and find them thrilling, but you’ve been hesitating to start making some of your own art… where to start? what paints to get? what if it turns into a mess? so many techniques and paint thinning recipes… It can get overwhelming pretty quickly…

I want to give you a live transformational experience, free of judgment or rules, in a comfortable and mindful setting, that nourishes your body and spirit alike, with no effort or planning on your part!

Registration opening soon!


Photo credit: Corina Mavrodin

Who am I?
I am a visual artist working with fluid acrylics on gallery
wrapped canvas, based in Hamilton NJ. I have been using several fluid acrylics techniques, and created a few signature combinations of my own, on a wide range size canvasses, square and rectangular, from 10x 10x 1.5 inches to 48x 36x 1.5 inches.

Many of my paintings are currently in private or public collections, some have been featured in local newspapers (Trenton Times, U.S. 1) or abroad, in my home city of Cluj-Napoca, Romania (Muzica Instantelor). 

I have been painting live, with an audience at exhibit openings and other events, privately for commissions or live streaming…. and I absolutely love the energy that the combination of an interested and engaged audience, the exciting fluidity of the paint on canvas and my sheer addiction to this form of art.

My art is in its essence, for me, a means for self-healing and a way to reach into a deeper appreciation of time and matter.

What can you expect?

I aim to design a safe, thoughtful and upgraded environment that stages a complete experience for you, a space where you can remove yourself from everyday pressures and limiting beliefs, and allow your inner flow to shine through.

You will have all materials and guidance to help you create your own art:

  • Individual work area, properly spaced and prepared: your own painting space, protected with a plastic sheet, your own apron, disposable gloves, sanitizing wipes, supports for your canvas (all work is done horizontally)
  • ready mixed paints (5-7 colors depending on the project theme of the day- I use a proprietary formula for mixing professional grade acrylic paints with various mediums to achieve the right fluidity)
  • tools to use for the session: a hairdryer, palette knife, paper towels, paper straws, etc.
  • a professional grade, deep profile gallery wrapped canvas- 16x 20×1.5 inches (previously prepared: coat of gesso (white or black)- a canvas primer, and taped back stretchers for a clean look- no smudges on the back of the frame when the tape is removed)

Class size limited to 4- 8 attendees, depending on location. 
Duration: 3 hours

Price: $175

Special Introductory price: $150 (6+ attendees) for a limited time only!
Payment is due 7 days before the event, credit cards welcome!
 Registration details to follow.


Nourish your Body

*Gourmet charcuterie sampler
*A relaxed, friendly and creative atmosphere
*No rules, judgement or expectations!